What My Clients are Saying

**These are all real clients. Some names or photos have been hidden to protect their privacy. Nobody is ever compensated to provide a testimonial.

“Monika and her class were excellent. I also got one-on-one coaching. I did not change my husband but I changed myself. And..this has made a big difference. My husband and I always loved each other but now we love each other even more! Thanks Monika.”

 Cheri C.

Monika’s approach is clear, direct, supportive and kind. She has incisive insight and can help couples drill down to the core issues so that you do not waste time hashing and re-hashing the same old pain points.

Elizabeth H.

“After becoming parents, battling PPA and PPD, figuring out how to care for a tiny human, work, life, relationship, etc. our marriage took a huge hit. I reviewed hours of content on line trying to get the right information to turn my marriage around, but my efforts felt hit or miss and never stuck. While I’m still early on in Monika Hoyt-The Couple’s Cure program (2.5 weeks) I’m already seeing changes! The best thing is I feel fully supported as I change old habits and learn new tools. The surprising thing is I’m working on healing from some pretty old emotional hurts that took hold well before my marriage was even in the picture. I’m happy with my progress so far and look forward to where I’ll be in the coming months thanks to the WORK I am doing with Monika-Hoyt The Couple’s Cure!”

Kristen B.

“I can’t say enough good things about this program. My wife and I were a bit skeptical and ultimately she chose not to participate. That didn’t matter. I embraced this because I knew something in my life had to give. We’d tried it all. It changed our marriage. I became a better partner and parent. I also became happier in life. I highly recommend Monika and her group.”

Adam L.

“After many years of struggling in our relationship, finding Monika and The Couple’s Cure has breathed new life and love into the relationship I have with my wife. We went to several marriage counselors over the years with not much progress. When we found The Couple’s Cure all of that changed. Between the lessons and the phone counseling we were able to forge a new path. Monika and Courtney are so wise and patient. Other counselors rushed us out the door after 50 minutes while we were still in the middle of intense work. There was no resolution. With Monika and Courtney, they stayed with us for as long as it took to resolve issues. They were also willing to meet more often and respond whenever we hit a snag. Their compassion and the techniques we learned made all of the difference. I highly recommend the Couple’s Cure.”

Ron R.

This program is excellent! I tend to be skeptical of these types of things but I have found it to be life changing. Monika’s intelligent approach and advice has helped me become a better partner and person. This program has helped me to re-frame a lifetime of stuff and look forward to a beautiful future with my family. Thank you!!

Craig S.

“Monika and everyone on her team are absolute angels! They have been there for me every step of the way, and are always supporting and encouraging my constant expansion in happiness and love! I’m SO blessed and grateful to have them in my life. Best decision ever!”

 Scott J.

“Monika’s style will work for everyone. Her insight and intuition are remarkable. She listens and provides input based on what she hears and oftentimes shares a unique & refreshing perspective when I feel stuck in my way of thinking. I would highly recommend Monika and her staff without hesitation!”

Joe C.

“When we came to Monika we were on the verge of splitting up…Her method propelled us forward way faster than traditional talk therapy.  In our minds, she performed a miracle on our marriage, and educated us in ways we had never been able to get from other therapists. We can’t thank Monika enough–we have true happiness in our marriage again.”

Monika was a God-send. When I started working with her, I was really unhappy. But with the strategies I learned in her program, I became more assertive and the spark of love has grown back…I’m crying happy tears right now.  It’s so much better. I’m feeling the love again!”
Sherry M.

“Couple’s counseling had failed me on multiple other occassions. So it was a gamble when I took a shot with Monika. It saved my marriage and saved my life. Monika helped me change my behavior, outlook, thoughts, and feelings. Best money I ever spent.

“This course could not have been more divinely planned!  We overcame major gridlock and this has helped our whole family. Thank you for the amazing work you do!” Nichi Keuchle

Owner, My Healthy Beginning Wellness Center

This was the best investment in myself EVER.

Ann K.

“My relationship was spiraling out of control.  Monika’s program helped me change my limiting beliefs and build trust. I wanted the conversations with my partner to be based on non-judgment, trust, mutual respect and the ability to honor each other. I wanted those conversations to be a deal-maker—NOT a deal breaker…Monika’s program made it happen. She is sincere, patient, and encouraging.”

“My coaches have been amazing, the program is very effective, and is something that all people that want a better relationship should invest in.  I’ve seen positive shifts in all my relationships, not just romantic!

David S.

Monika gets right to the heart of what it took me decades to figure out, and what I hadn’t yet resolved in my own relationship. I’m excited I finally got the solution with her program! Julie Babcock

“Monika’s program is just SO GOOD! It helped us approach conflicts in a less blaming and defensive way.  My partner and I are actually able to REALLY connect and communicate. Thank you Monika!” Cathy Perendy

Mental Health Therapist, LICSW

“Monika’s program encouraged me to work on myself first, discovering my own limiting beliefs and replacing them with truth. The connections with others going through similar circumstances, the emphasis on understanding and respect, and the comfort and example in Monika’s calm, caring nature, were priceless blessings in the midst of a storm I had no idea how to navigate.” Ann Meehan

After working with Monika I feel positive, healthy, energized and have got my confidence back! I enjoyed working with her and she helped me with my self-beliefs when I really needed it.” Zubair, UK

“After working with Monika I feel exceptionally well and it’s LASTING. I love myself more than I ever have, and I have a relationship that feels very good now! Thank you so much Monika.” Chris A., Michigan

“Monika gives me specific tactics and communication tools that help me move forward in my relationship. She brings clarity to help me see what matters, as well as what I can let go of. She also helps me see my partner’s side, so that I can respond from a place of understanding rather than just reacting.”

Maren Costa

Monika has helped me to be assertive in my relationship so I feel heard, and understood. She inspires a fighter spirit in me…I learned how to trust again and feel worthy of my own attention. Amber Gateja


Monika helped me see the big picture with my partner to help me get out of the reactive defensive mode…I saw things in a more balanced way, which helped my positive feedback loop. I saw that we both had responsibility, it wasn’t just this thing that was happening to me that I didn’t have control over. Dena Wetzel

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