Are you ambitious AND compassionate?


Would you like to earn $8,000-15,000 a month from your home office (or anywhere) while supporting individuals who want to save their relationships?  

• Do you want to receive in-depth training and mentoring in how to move people past fear and pain to claiming a healthy relationship in a matter of weeks?  

• Do you want to do NO COLD CALLING and speak to 3-5 highly qualified prospects per day who are excited to speak with you–but might be scared to move forward?  

• Are you interested in making good money while being part of a greater mission to expand love in the world?  

• Do you want to be supported by someone who truly cares about y0ur success as much as she cares about her own (and is willing to invest in your training)?  

My name is Monika Hoyt. I’m a licensed therapist and marriage coach, and I’m overflowing with leads right now from my online marketing funnel. 

I work with people who are in long-term committed relationships or marriages on the brink of disaster to break out of entrenched dynamics through a process of inside-out transformation inside The Couple’s Cure. This program helps my clients clear out limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, heal from the past, build true emotional connection, communicate in healthy, authentic ways, and get on the same team for life.  

If you are the right candidate, you can become an integral part of creating healthy marriages and healing families on a large scale.  

I am seeking THREE Full-Time Enrollment Coaches (Sales Position) who have a heart for helping people break out of old, toxic patterns to create loving, authentic relationships.  

I have a growing list of both men and women who are interested in speaking to a member of my team to learn more about my program, and how they can work with me to transform their relationship, stop the fighting, and live a joy-filled life.  

As one of my Enrollment Coaches, you would be the first person on our team that prospective clients would speak to, after they have attended my online masterclass.  

Your job would be to listen to the person’s story, ask them questions to understand their challenges (we’ll teach you the questions to ask), identify their core issues , and their doubts and fears, one by one, about healing their relationship and stepping into the Couple’s Cure program.

Your job would also to be to identify which callers are (and are not) a good fit, as we don’t invite anyone into the program unless we can truly serve them.

I’m looking for passionate, persuasive people who can speak to hopeful prospective clients and help me decide if they are a great fit for our program, as well as help the right people commit to working with us on their relationship goals.  

If you want to…  

• Make great money while making a difference and helping people create loving relationships

• Work from anywhere as long as you have good internet

• Speak to 4-5 people every day who are excited to talk to you  

• Do absolutely NO cold calling and no spamming strangers  

• Feel proud of the work you do and the way you are helping change lives  

• Work on a fun, collaborative, diverse team  

• Start part-time and have the chance to be promoted to full-time based on your performance 

• Receive ongoing guidance and mentorship from a successful, caring, and honest coach who will deeply care about YOUR success…  

Then this position might be for you. Apply to join our team if you meet these criteria;  

  • You are a self-aware person, and take responsibility for the energy you bring to your endeavors. You know how to find the opportunities in the challenges.  

• You are a person who follows through on your commitments. You don’t jump ship or give up when things get hard.  

• You enjoy speaking on the phone. You know how to connect and communicate well with people you cannot see face-to-face.  

• You like people. You do not have to be an extrovert for this position, but you must like speaking with people (on a 1-on-1 basis), connecting with people, and helping people.  

• You are available for 25-30 hours per week Monday–Friday (Saturdays are an option if you like).  

• You are able to attend our twice weekly (three times during training) team training and mentor-ship meeting at 9:00 am CST.  

• You must value professional development and transformational marketing training that includes a strong emphasis on mindset and consistent application of proven principles.  

• You see sales as a service to help people get the exact relationship they desire, which means that you should have the emotional fortitude to handle their fears, their pain, and even their rejection–and still be ready to serve more to their dreams.  

• You are detail-oriented and methodical. You will be making three to five 60-minute enrollment phone calls every single work day. Each call will be with a different person with their own particular story, triumphs, and challenges, but there will be a SCRIPT and a METHOD that you must stick to for EVERY SINGLE CALL. (This script is not rigid in terms of wording, but its structure is very important),  

• You are an honest person with a high level of integrity. You must be willing to turn people away who are not a good fit for our program, even it means that you won’t get a commission for that sale.  

• You must be looking for a long-term commitment, working with and being part of a growing, supportive, and fun team.  

If this is you, then please submit an application (deadline is May 15th) here:

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