Hi, I’m Monika Hoyt

I am a therapist and relationship coach specializing in marriages and long-term relationships on the brink of separation or divorce.

I help successful, spiritually-minded people who are committed to seeking greater consciousness within themselves for the purpose of radically transforming their intimate relationships.

I walk my clients through an inside-out process of change, combined with a structured approach to creating healthy, authentic relationships.

I have been counseling people for over twenty years. I’ve completed over 25,000 direct clinical hours and provided clinical supervision to other therapists for a total of four years.

Six years ago, I moved into the coaching space and began working for myself, in order to have more freedom to serve my clients using non-traditional methods that truly work.

What Makes Me Tick

My true passion has always been to discover the inner “magic” that allows us to create something unprecedented–new experiences that far transcend anything our previous life experiences could have predicted.

The question that always guides me is: What makes the difference between people who can break out of destructive patterns, and those who can’t?

I can tell you for sure, the answer is not about willpower, skills, or good intentions.

It’s a combination of vision, commitment, discipline, systematic action (in the right order using the right tools), faith and connection to the creative force we ALL have inside us. This force defies what our past relationships taught us, and helps us break out of even the most entrenched conditioning.

I am of the passionate conviction that our relationships are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in our health, success, well-being, and happiness. There simply is nothing more important or worthy of our full attention.


“This program could not have been more divinely planned!  We overcame major gridlock and this has helped our whole family. Thank you for the amazing work you do!”

Nichi Keuchle

Owner of My Healthy Beginning Wellness Center

“Monika gets right to the heart of what it took me decades to figure out, and what I hadn’t yet resolved in my own relationship. I’m excited I finally got the solution with her program!”

Julie Babcock

“I can’t say enough good things about this program. Couple’s counseling had failed me on multiple other occassions. My wife and I were a bit skeptical and ultimately she chose not to participate. That didn’t matter.  It saved my marriage and saved my life. Monika helped me change my behavior, outlook, thoughts, and feelings. I became a better partner and parent. I also became happier in life. Best money I ever spent.

Adam L.

My Qualifications:

Licensed Therapist

Coactive Coach

Certified Advanced PSYCH-K practitioner

EFT certified, level 2

MSW, San Francisco State University

LICSW, State of Minnesota

LCSW, Board of Behavioral Sciences, CA (inactive)

The Couple’s Code:

Miraculous Recovery for Relationships on the Brink

In this class, I teach the 5 steps you MUST take to turn around your relationship.

I also share with you:


The scientifically proven principle for successful, long-term relationships.


How to break the “invisible barrier” to relationship change


And easy ways to restore emotional connection (WITHOUT talking about your problems or even learning any new communication skills).

If you like what you see, then book a call with us, using the link provided at the end of the class. Please note: You will also receive a link for this session in a follow up email.

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