Welcome! I’m Monika Hoyt.

I’m a licensed therapist and relationship coach working with women in committed relationships who are in doubt, stuck, and struggling. My specialty is facilitating complete relationship transformation by clearing limiting beliefs and following a step-by-step process to getting the right ratio of positive to negative.

My purpose is to help you create a healthy, loving and 100% authentic relationship with your partner.

I show you how to be your best self from the inside-out in order to get the relationship you want and deserve.

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More About Me

I live in Excelsior, MN with my husband and two children. I grew up in Minnetonka and went to college in Northfield, MN.

At 25, I moved to California and lived there for 11 years, mostly in San Francisco. Later, I spent four transformative years in New Zealand before moving back to Minnesota to be near family.

I have always been interested in what motivates people.

In particular, I was drawn to the “helping professions,” mostly because I needed help myself (more on that another time). I was energized by the creative process of transformation that happens when we consciously choose new ways to live. It is amazing to see.

That’s why I became a clinical social worker. Working in the fields of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness, I was fascinated by the special ingredient that separates those that break out of old patterns and those that remain stuck. I wanted to be involved in finding that ingredient, tapping into it, and watching the changes.

How can somebody create and sustain a healthy connection that looks nothing like their previous relationships?

“Monika’s program is just SO GOOD! It helped us approach conflicts in a less blaming and defensive way.  My partner and I are actually able to REALLY connect and communicate. Thank you Monika!”

Cathy Perendy

Mental Health Therapist, LICSW

“This program could not have been more divinely planned!  We overcame major gridlock and this has helped our whole family. Thank you for the amazing work you do!”

Nichi Keuchle

Nutrition Response Tester

What I Found

Before going to graduate school, I took up acting as a hobby. I got hooked on what seemed like magic:  When the actor believed what they were saying, so did everybody watching.

I found in acting what I’d been drawn to as a social worker. Whatever a person believes will come true. No matter what happened in the past.  That is the power of beliefs.

This epiphany led me to study CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). This approach aims to change emotional responses by replacing automatic negative thoughts. It’s a respected and proven modality. But over time I found that, for many people, changes were slow or just didn’t stick.

How many times have you told yourself an affirmation and heard your inner voice say “that’s not true!” This is why belief change must happen at the subconscious level or it simply won’t work. 

How I can help you:

It is my life’s mission to help you permanently change core beliefs in order to get the amazing relationship you want.

Let’s face it. Research has shown that healthy relationships=healthy lives.

There are many coaches out there who can help you clarify your goals, break them into action steps, and hold you accountable.

But in my experience, most people already know what to do.

Think about it. People trying to lose weight already know they should eat right and exercise. So why is that knowledge not enough?

Insight alone does not create change.  Years of therapy is wasted if we can’t make deeper shifts.

I use a unique blend of coaching and therapy that not only helps you clarify your vision, develop goals, and strategize action steps, but helps you clear out the baggage for good.

I am known for my non-judgmental style and keen ability to hone in on the exact underlying dynamics.

So if you want to go deep and commit to real change, you have found the right

If you want to find out find out how we can work together, schedule a free 30 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session with me here

Monika has helped me to be assertive in my relationship so I feel heard, and understood. She inspires a fighter spirit in me…I learned how to trust again and feel worthy of my own attention.

Amber Gateja


Monika gets right to the heart of what it took me decades to figure out, and what I hadn’t yet resolved in my own relationship. I’m excited I finally got the solution with her program!

Julie Babcock

Monika helped me see the big picture with my partner to help me get out of the reactive defensive mode…I saw things in a more balanced way, which helped my positive feedback loop. I saw that we both had responsibility, it wasn’t just this thing that was happening to me that I didn’t have control over.

Dena Wetzel


Licensed Therapist

Coactive Coach

Certified Advanced PSYCH-K practitioner

EFT certified, level 2

MSW, San Francisco State University

LICSW, State of Minnesota

LCSW, Board of Behavioral Sciences, CA

Over 15 Years’ Experience Helping People Heal Their Relationships

If you want to find out find out how we can work together,
schedule a free 30 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session with me below:

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