Telesummit 2015 Healthy Authentic Relationships

Below are the recordings for each speaker at the 2015 Healthy Authentic Relationships Telesummit:


Jane Rapin

Relationship Expert and Love Coach

  • See the past through new eyes

  • Eliminate self-sabotage to live a life full of love

  • Live every day as your confident, sexy and authentic self

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Susie and Otto Collins

Authors, Speakers, and Relationship Coaches

  • Why the spark and sizzle leave a relationship and (and how to stop it)

  • The “Spark Starters” that increase passion

  • The “Magic Words” that move you out of power struggles into deeper intimacy and trust

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Amanda Rose

Founder/CEO of Dating Boutique

  • How to attract a healthy relationship into your life

  • The secrets of true self love

  • 5 ways to create a life you love

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Dawn Serra

Relationship Coach

  • How to master the art of surrender

  • Concrete techniques on how to actively receive

  • How to discuss intimacy with ease

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Dr. Robert Huizenga

Author and Infidelity/Relationship Coach

  • The 3 top motives for infidelity

  • The most common different kinds of affairs

  • How to recover from your partner’s affair

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Monika Hoyt

Licensed Therapist and Relationship Coach

  • The fundamentals of communicating with integrity

  • Ending blame for good

  • What good boundaries look like and 5 ways to set them in a loving way

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Juna Mustad and Justin Milano

Founders of Daily Relationship

  • How to live a completely honest relationship at all times

  • What authenticity really looks like

  • The biggest barriers to closeness and how to overcome them

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Sarah Abell

Author, Relationship Expert, and TEDtalker, and founder of

  • The seven ways to create a love that grows and lasts.

  • The true meaning of connection

  • How to let go of self-protection (the wrong kind)

  • How to tell if you are being truly authentic

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Dr. Jenev Caddell

Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach

  • The new science of love and what it reveals about how relationships thrive

  • The 3 key ingredients for any healthy relationship

  • Conscious communication tools for difficult issues such as money

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Lisa Kift

Therapist, Author and Creator of

  • What emotional safety really is

  • The number one thing that gets in the way of security

  • How to create security in your relationship

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Christine Hart

Founder of Living & Loving Authentically

  • Exactly how to take “far-fetched” relationship desires and turn them into reality

  • The 3 Keys to authentic communication

  • The healthy coping tools for dealing with stress or overwhelm

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Allie Theiss

Relationship Coach

  • How to restart and keep desire alive

  • The pitfall of online relationships

  • 6 myths about passion that will take you down the wrong path

  • 5 steps to ooze confidence

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